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Alternative Dispute Resolution | ADR | What Do You Do When You Have An Investment Dispute?

What do you do when you have an investment dispute?

Many who invest in the capital markets think the only solution when they have problems with their bank, broker, fund manager or their agent, is to file a lawsuit. They do not realise that there are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) avenues to resolve disputes.

SIDREC is empowered to help both the investor and the capital market intermediary through its dispute resolution process, first to find a resolution through mediation and then a final decision through adjudication, if mediation does not work out.

If you are an investor in the capital markets using Malaysian licensed/registered intermediaries (e.g. bank, broker, fund manager or their agent), SIDREC’s ADR service is free of charge, if your claim is up to RM250,000.

If the claim is above RM250,000, we can still help at a reasonable fee if both parties agree to use SIDREC’s services.

Our process is simple and confidential. Our aim is to help parties resolve their disputes involving financial/capital market products.

Our case manager will guide you through the process and ensure we have all the facts and information needed to help. Mediation meetings and adjudication hearings will be undertaken by experienced mediators/adjudicators with capital market expertise.

SIDREC places priority on ensuring that our processes and rules are subject to robust review to ensure they remain relevant and support the integrity and quality of our services. We are committed to the sustainable building of capacity and expertise to keep in step with global best practice that is relevant to domestic market needs.

Why you should seek SIDREC’s services for mediation and dispute resolution?

  • Confidentiality of proceedings allow issues to be addressed constructively without distractions.
  • An ‘independent and impartial voice of reason’ – with no attachment to outcome.
  • Promotes good communications and conduct on the part of all parties.
  • Independent and impartial mediator/adjudicator with industry knowledge and access to specialist expertise, as required.
  • Contributes to preserving harmony and building relationships.
  • A good risk management tool for investors and the market intermediary – identification and understanding of issues that may otherwise not have been considered.
  • Reduces legal costs of investors and the market intermediary while providing certainty and closure.
  • Investors become better informed, acquiring an enhanced understanding and knowledge of the market and their own rights and responsibilities.
  • Market intermediaries are better informed of investors’ practical concerns and challenges.

If you have an investment dispute that you can’t resolve, whether it be with your bank, broker, fund manager or agent; or persons authorised to deal in securities, unit trusts, derivatives, or private retirement schemes (PRS), do not hesitate to call us for help. Read more in our FAQs.